About the Inventor

Michael BerrardiMichael Berardi grew up in Hoboken New Jersey where he worked after school in his fathers’ paint and hardware store. While working in the store he was always “tinkering” with something and solving little household problems for his fathers’ many diverse customers. Having a father who owned and operated his own business for his entire life taught Michael at a very early age about being an entrepreneur and having the ability to determine his own future. Similarly, Michael has been an entrepreneur his entire life and has had a very diverse and creative career.

After graduating from Seton Hall University he started his own paint and decorating center in the affluent New Jersey shore town of Sea Girt. Upon building a very successful business, he then became a professional songwriter for CBS Publishing in New York. He has written about 150 songs for major music publishing companies and ALABAMA’s first hit song.He started his own record company, MRB records, with his collaborator / brother Richard and still sells their original songs on their MRB records website. He co-founded Photo to Art, one of the first companies in the U.S. to make large digital canvas prints from photographs. He appeared as a co-host on the Home Shopping Network for three years selling his highly successful “Photo to Art” product.

While appearing on HSN he met many people who were involved in the Direct Response TV industry. He loved the idea of finding new products and then producing 2-minute Direct Response TV commercials for those products.

As a result, he founded Berardi Productions and began producing TV commercials. His first big hit was with a product called the “Clean Between Machine”. It was a sonic toothbrush invented by a dentist who had been issued 5 U.S. patents for the invention. Michael then had a huge hit with the “Water Jet”, an attachment that screwed onto the end of a garden hose.

Although these products were considered big hits in the DRTV business, nothing can even come close to the phenomenal success of his latest product – The Xhose expandable garden hose. Unlike his other successful products that were invented by others, Michael is the inventor of the revolutionary Xhose – the first expandable garden hose to use an inner expandable tube and an outer fabric webbing.

His Xhose solves the age-old problems with traditional garden hoses that are heavy, always kinking and difficult to store. Michael’s Xhose expandable hose is super lightweight, will never kink and stores easily in small spaces. A 75-foot Xhose will actually fit easily in a small flowerpot.

Michael has been issued four U.S. patents for his expandable hose invention and many international patents. Some of his other patents are from the UK, Australia, Japan, China, Mexico and many other countries.

His expandable garden hose has become a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most successful products to be introduced into the marketplace in recent memory. From a conservative estimate, there have been approximately 50 million expandable garden hoses sold in the past two years and gross sales of expandable garden hoses in the U.S. alone have exceeded over 800 million dollars. If you include international sales, the total gross sales of his expandable hose invention are about 1.2 BILLION dollars.

These are staggering figures. Consider this: Michael’s expanding hose invention has had higher U.S. gross sales than the number one movie of all time in the U.S. (Avatar – $761 million) and higher unit sales than the number one selling CD of all time (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) which sold 28 million CD’s in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Michael believes that 90% of all sales of expandable hoses around the world are infringing products or counterfeits of Michael’s original Xhose invention.

Michael’s expandable hose invention is one the most (if not the most) imitated product in the history of the Direct Response TV industry. At any one time there are about 40 companies on Amazon and eBay alone that are selling what appears to be infringing expandable hoses and one of these expanding hoses has sold over 22 million units through TV advertising and in major retail stores.

Rarely do inventors experience anything like the journey that Michael has been on during the past three years. This is truly a “once in a lifetime” – maybe a “once in five lifetimes” experience that has certainly had its very highs and very lows.