X-Hose Inventor

Michael Berardi has been on the journey of a lifetime – maybe 5 lifetimes!

Michael invented the first expanding garden hose that uses an elastic inner tube and outer fabric webbing. In fact, he invented it in his kitchen, living room and his own backyard! His invention has become a worldwide phenomenon. In just the past two and a half years, gross sales of all brands of expandable garden hoses exceed 1 BILLION dollars!

Although Michael’s expanding hose invention is one of the most successful products introduced into the marketplace in recent memory, it is also one of the most imitated. Unfortunately for Michael, he believes that 90% of all brands of expandable garden hoses sold around the world are imitations of his original Xhose invention.

This website was created to give you an insight into the incredible journey that Michael has been on since he first invented his Xhose expandable garden hose back in August of 2011. If you are an inventor, tinkerer, creative thinker, entrepreneur or just someone who has an idea and a dream, then Michael’s story will definitely be of interest to you.

Since Michael’s amazing story is ongoing, this website will be updated with news as it happens. So stay tuned!

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